Projects & Expertise

KONPRO's long association with the agro based industry has placed the organization in the fore-front to develop and provide sustainable solutions to the environmental issues and waste treatment affecting the plantation processing sector. Its waste water treatment and pollution control systems, nurtured and developed over the years is now almost an industry standard. KONPRO was engaged by the Government of Indonesia under the auspices of the World Bank to carry out a nationwide environmental study affecting the oil palm and rubber industry and to propose new technologies to mitigate the issues and as an extension to promulgate environmental policy for the industries in Indonesia. KONPRO is consulted regularly by the oil palm growing nations on pollution abatement and solution.

KONPRO is also actively involved in the development of technologies to use palm waste as a fertilizer and renewable energy source. KONPRO is now consulted by other industries to design their waste water treatment facilities to meet their operating requirements and complying with stringent environmental standards. It is also involved in developing corporate environmental programmes, conducting due diligence and environmental audits for its clients.